Performance Review Template

I personally would like to present the work I have done in a template with numbers and figures.

Remember every little task counts and your customer needs to know.

I came up with a report template that summarizes improvement.

For example:

  1. Re-indexing the database improved the performance by 20%
  2. Removing temp tables improved the performance by 15%
  3. Archiving old data 15%
  4. Using Activity monitor, rewriting some expensive queries



Poor Performance

What would be the best way to analyze poor performance of a web application?

  • Is there a checklist to consider?
  • What are the best tools to use?
  • How and what kind of logs do we need to collect?
  • Is the performance related to the application layer, database layer or resource related?
  • Once we managed to trace the bottleneck what tools are available to help to understand the root cause.

One of our developers noticed something pretty cool, which could lead us to poor performance for no reason.

Here are some clues:

  • Think of Windows update
  • Think of multiple users connected to the server via RDP
  • Think of svchost.exe 100% usage problem

Do you get the picture?

If not check this article.



Applied Web Development at BCIT

Why did I decide to enroll myself in this program? There are many reasons but the most important one was to make my mom happy! and I think she is now that I am about to complete the program but I think technically I am not happy enough to say Yay!

The program in total is 26 credits. I believe the core courses are perfect but the electives are very limited.

I wish BCIT offered a bigger pool of electives that could meet today’s job market.