I started working for an ISP almost 20 years ago with no goals and no long term plans. Throughout this endeavor,  I realized that the challenge of staying on top of your role and responsibilities is more intense than when you are in school and trying to score high marks.

School is just pure fun! That’s why after all these years I am still in school 🙂

After staying with the same company for almost 10 years, I switched jobs and got hired by a software company back in 2010. I can tell you it has been an amazing learning curve.

I started my journey from being a server administrator/web developer, CRM support, and now project management. Yes, I love to learn and I am passionate about databases.

I think everything revolves around data. How to store data, how to present the data and how to analyze data.

I will be focusing on PM duties, that would be my priority but don’t want to let go of my technical expertise I earned over the years. The not so funny thing is when I changed my position the first piece of advice was, “Don’t get carried away with technical stuff you have other responsibilities.” and I thought to myself “Are you kidding me?”.

Here you go! That’s me!

I also like to mention today on March 22/2017 LinkedIn sent an email regarding top skills for IT and Database Management was on the list